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The accounting module in Odoo provides tools for managing financial activities within a company. It includes features for creating and managing invoices, tracking payments and expenses, reconciling accounts, generating financial reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements, managing taxes, and more. It allows businesses to streamline their accounting processes and maintain accurate financial records.


The Sales module in Odoo helps businesses manage their sales processes efficiently. It includes features such as managing leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and customer information. Users can track the status of sales orders, monitor sales performance, and analyze sales data using customizable reports. The Sales module integrates seamlessly with other modules like Inventory and Accounting to provide a streamlined sales workflow.


The Inventory module enables businesses to manage their inventory effectively. It allows users to track stock levels, manage warehouse locations, handle stock movements (such as receiving, delivery, and internal transfers), and perform stoc​k adjustments. With advanced features like multi-warehouse management, barcode scanning, and automated stock replenishment, businesses can optimize their inventory management processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


The Website module empowers businesses to create and manage their online presence effectively. It includes features for building and customizing websites, managing product catalogs, creating web pages, and integrating e-commerce functionality. Users can design responsive and mobile-friendly websites using drag-and-drop tools and templates. Integration with other Odoo modules enables seamless synchronization of website content, product information, and sales orders.

Point of Sales

The POS module in Odoo provides a user-friendly interface for processing sales transactions directly at the point of sale. It supports various retail operations, including cashiers, multiple payment methods, product scanning, discounts, and promotions. The POS system is fully integrated with the Sales and Inventory modules, allowing real-time synchronization of sales data and inventory levels. Additionally, it offers features like offline mode and compatibility with POS hardware devices for enhanced functionality.

Human Resources

The HR module in Odoo facilitates the management of human resources and employee-related processes. It covers various HR functions, including employee records management, attendance tracking, leave management, recruitment, performance evaluation, and training. Users can create and maintain employee profiles, track attendance and leaves, manage recruitment workflows, conduct performance appraisals, and organize training programs. Integration with other Odoo modules like Payroll and Expenses streamlines HR processes and ensures data consistency across the organization.