Keeping teams in-sync is hard

Things can quickly get out of control if you don't sync your marketing, sales and support teams. To run a business smoothly all these teams must work hand in hand.

Your data is all over the place

Customer data scattered across many systems can hinder your team's ability to engage your customers and grow economically.

One product. Many possibilities.

At Centrix+ we provide an integrated customised product that helps companies deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Everything you need to increase sales

  • Manage your team
  • Find the best leads
  • Understand customers better
  • Boost team productivity
  • Forecast Accurately

Craft delightful customer experiences

  • Engage across multiple channels
  • Auto-assign tickets
  • Escalate important cases
  • Minimize turnaround times

Get a 360 degree view of your business.


Increase your lead-to-deal conversion rates.


Clear, Reliable and Resilient


Customize to suit your needs and preferences


Quickly see your next-best actions.


Ensure your team spends time with customers than entering data


If You Believe

That a customer in touch is a customer retained, a Customer Retained is A sale Assured and a Sale Assured is a Business well done!

We will setup a world-class service experience for your customers within minutes

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For a Better experience for you and your Customers

Start Easy

Set up a Call Center quick and easy with no major IT Infrastructure Costs

Operate Hassle Free

Get Smooth Integrations maintaining quality Compliance

Scale Fast

Faster Time to Market and get easy migration from Cloud-to-Premise

Numbers & Achievements

We did awesome work with business ethics.


Years of Experience




Happy Clients


Up Time