Odoo ERP Implementation & Support

Odoo ERP Implementation & Support

One of the key elements in taking your company to the next level is the development and implementation of enterprise software. The introduction of ERP software enables firms to bring together multiple departments and tasks under one roof. Additionally, it offers in-depth perceptions of your company through data analytics and reporting, thus assisting in improved decision-making.

The advanced version of Odoo ERP, called Odoo Enterprise Edition, offers complete capability and cutting-edge business management features. The Odoo enterprise edition is powerful and equipped to handle complex company activities with a user-friendly methodology.  ​

Odoo ERP Features:


The Odoo ERP's sales module is well-equipped and filled with features to identify various salespeople working for your business.


With the help of the Odoo CRM module, you can create leads, approach them, and, if necessary, enrich the leads before following up .


The Odoo purchase module handles all of your business's product purchase management needs basing on inventory stock.


Operations for inventory management are consolidated on the Odoo platform and are done through the inventory module.


The accounting module of the Odoo platform can be used to handle the company's finances.


A company's manufacturing operations management will have to deal with a variety of operational restrictions.


In Odoo each piece of equipment may be configured, and the maintenance periods for periodic maintenance.

HR Module

Odoo business edition includes Human resource operations management modules that will assist you in running the department clearly.


The Odoo projects module will allow you to define numerous internal and external corporate projects

Website & Ecommerce

In Odoo will be able to define a website, style it, and set its look as well as all of its relevant characteristics using the website builder.

Point of Sale

Using the Point of Sales module, which also serves as the counter sales application, you may specify how your company manages its retail shops.

Marketing Modules

The way we advertise and carry out our PR activities has been completely transformed by digital marketing.


The latest technique for completing coursework and receiving certification is e-learning.


Due to its modular nature, the Odoo enterprise version features separate modules for each of the company functions.


The Odoo platform's calendar module will handle all elements of management and staff scheduling as well as the numerous business processes.


With the help of the Odoo talk module, you will have a forum for holding conversations


 The Product Lifecycle Management module will act as a channel or medium for communication between various departments.


Odoo's Quality management model makes this process simple and effective


You may handle all aspects of the company's product repair operations with the help of the repair module of the Odoo platform.


With the aid of the Odoo helpdesk module, you can set up a variety of helpdesk functions.

Field Service

You can specify the field service operations of the businesses using the Odoo platform's field service module.


The rental module of the Odoo platform may be used to describe your company's rental operations.


Odoo modules will assist your firm in moving towards a green effort by minimizing the usage of paper and allocated stationery.

Consolidation Module

The Odoo Consolidation module is one of the programs that will assist you in consolidating numerous financial and accounting data.

Data Cleaning Modules

You may delete duplicate data and organize the data and contents accessible with the aid of one of the newest modules of the Odoo platform

Contact Module

The Odoo platform's contact module will assist you in defining all the contacts you need for the smooth operation of your business.


You may handle the sales of subscription items as well as their operations using Odoo's subscription module.


You may define all internal and external corporate events with the help of the Odoo events module.


You may use the Odoo live chat module to give your consumers a shopping experience and help them when they buy the items.


One of the software's changeable features is the Dashboard of the Odoo platform, which allows you to add data & Modify.


The Odoo platform's Sign module allows you to define digital signatures.


The Odoo IoT module will enable you to connect to numerous IoT-based equipment.


The Odoo notes module allows you to create notes and a to-do list for your business operations.


The member's module of the Odoo platform may be used to specify the membership activities of your business


You may save time and cut down on human error that occurs while processing items by using barcodes.